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January 1898Page
Wesleyans at Work1
They Say1
Cary Conundrums2
Rugby Football Echoes2
Fairs of the Past3
Cary Pavements3
The Shepton Witch4
Closing the Churchyard4
John Webb5
Impious Prayer5
Our Market Charter6
Local Chronology6
Local Events7
Our Register7
A Caryite in India8
Notes and Queries8
February 1898Page
Early Sunday Schools9
Castle Cary Inns9
A Chat About Yarlington10
Rev. Richard Warner F.A.S.10
News and Notes11
Funerals in 177111
Notes and Queries12
Our Register12
Rugby Football Echoes13
They Say13
Local Events14
Answers to Conundrums14
Markets and Fairs15
Alford Physic-Well15
The Jubilee Memorial16
Death of Robert Eason16
March 1898Page
John Boyd17
Cary Inns17
The Carey Family18
Fulford's Cross18
Our Parish Council19
News and Notes19
They Say20
Notes and Queries20
Our Jubilee Fountain21
Local Events21
Cary Foorball22
Our Register22
The Carey Family23
The Round House23
Sunday Schools24
North Cadbury Fields24
April 1898Page
Bruton Abbey Ablaze25
Methodism in Cary25
They Say26
Cricket Notches26
Jack White's Gibbert27
A Burning Question30
Local Events31
Our Register31
Rugby Football Echoes32
Parish Council Elections32
May 1898Page
Merry May33
Our Parish Council33
Postal Progress34
Words of Cheer34
Local Events35
Prize Competitions35
William Clarke36
Methodism in Cary36
Wincanton Skirmish 168837
Jack White's Cage37
Rugby Football Echoes38
Cricket Notches38
Cary Volunteers in 180439
They Say39
Notes and Queries40
Our Register40
June 1898Page
Miss Helen Mathers41
A Cyclist's Grumble41
Rechabites in Cary42
Methodism in Somerset42
Castle Cary in War Time43
They Say43
Cricket Notches44
William Burge M.P.44
Prices of Food 1709-9645
Local Events45
Our Register46
Died Doing His Duty46
Notes and Queries47
James Stockman47
Pitcombe House48
Collinson Extracts 178148
July 1898Page
Executions in Cary 168549
Cary Poor-Houses49
Methodism in Cary50
Robert Stevens50
They Say51
School Board Election51
Our Schools52
Local Events52
Cricket Notches53
Cemetery Fees53
Our Register54
Our Temperance Work54
Oye Corner55
Notes and Queries55
Collinson Extracts 179156
Cary in Coaching Days56
August 1898Page
Local Events57
Cary Coaches57
Caryites and John Wilkes58
Origin of Florida58
Our Register59
Cricket Notches59
Parish Affairs60
They Say60
Regular Attendance61
Thomas Mathews61
Notes and Queries62
Postal Progress62
Notes and Queries63
Newspaper Cuttings63
Our Volunteers64
Collinson Extracts 179164
September 1898Page
Collinson Extracts 179165
Our Volunteers65
Witchcraft at Bruton66
Local Events66
Wesley Villa67
They Say67
Our Register68
The Cemetery68
Cricket notches69
Francis William Harrold69
Cary Wild Flowers70
A Pauperised District70
Notes and Queries71
Poem by Canon Meade71
The Nursing Association72
Curious Bell Customs72
October 1898Page
Our Water Supply73
George Gibbs73
Cricket Notches74
Ansford in 183874
Local Successes75
Horse-Pond Swans75
Notes and Queries76
Local Events76
Cary Cordwainers77
They Say77
Pauperism in Cary78
Ansford Inn78
Our Prizes79
Our Register79
Cadbury Camp80
Collinson Extracts 179180
November 1898Page
They Say81
Notes and Queries81
Whipping at Cart's Tail82
Our Prizes82
The Choral Society83
The Rev. W. H. Cotton83
Charles Moody84
Ansford's Ancient Park84
Rugby Football Echoes85
Collinson Extracts 179185
Local Events86
Our Register86
East Som. Yeo. 1803-2587
Kinglake and his Mother87
Cricket Notches88
December 1898Page
Bartlet of North Cadbury89
Our Prizes89
Collinson on Cary 179190
The Choral Society90
They Say91
Our Register91
Some Bruton Fires92
A Caryite at Omdurman92
Rugby Football Echoes93
Cricket Notches94
Marianne Fennell95
The Skin House95
Local Events96
Notes and Queries96
January 1899Page
Some Cary Fires97
Cary Conundrums97
Rugby Football Echoes98
Caryites Abroad98
Cary Ale-Houses in 174499
Our Register99
Collinson on Cary 1791100
What's in a Name?100
Notes and Queries101
Local Events101
Cary Churchwardens102
Railway Rejoicings 1856102
Words of Cheer103
The Choral Society103
James Woodforde M.D104
They Say104
February 1899Page
George John Tidcombe105
The Bristol Riots105
Cary Tradesmen's Tokens106
Local Successes106
The Choral Society107
They Say107
Rugby Football Echoes108
Answers to Conundrums108
Cary Churchwardens109
Collinson on Cary 1791109
A Threatening Letter 1744110
Our Register110
The Jubilee Cottages111
Burials in Cary111
Local Events112
Notes and Queries112
March 1899Page
Caryites Everywhere113
The Wincanton Yeomanry113
Our Register114
Gifts to North Cadbury114
The Peace Conference115
Local Events115
Cary Creed's Charity116
Opening of the G.W.R.116
John Aaron Lander117
Cary Chat118
Rugby Football Echoes118
They Say119
The Glastonbury Thorn119
Cary Churchwardens120
Notes and Queries120
April 1899Page
Some Interesting Wills121
Procession at Bruton 1856121
Rugby Football Echoes122
They Say122
Notes and Queries123
The Armless Man123
A Successful Caryite124
Zion Chapel124
Cary Chat125
Local Events125
Caryites Abroad126
Our Register126
Parish Affairs127
Foreign Missions127
John Nash128
Cary Churchwardens128
May 1899Page
A Famous Geologist129
Cary Volunteers in 1804129
A Wonderful Drive130
Wesley at Pitcombe130
Our Registers131
Public House Checks131
Elias Barber132
Zion Chapel132
Marriages Long Ago133
Notes and Queries133
More About Kingston134
They Say134
The Tin-Can Trouble135
Local Events135
Rugby Football Echoes136
June 1899Page
Sketch of Wesley in Cary137
Heighes Woodforde Sketch137
Santiago De Cuba Caryite138
Wesley in Cary139
News and Notes140
They Say140
Cricket Notches141
The Market House141
Local Events142
Our Register142
Zion Chapel143
Marriages Long Ago143
Notes and Queries144
Colonel Woodforde144
July 1899Page
A Lost Son145
News and Notes145
Our Register146
They Say146
Cary Bakers147
Local Events147
Wold Volk On Lodge Hill148
An Old Alms Dish148
Luckless Lord Lovel149
A Funeral Sermon in 1880149
Marriages Long Ago150
Cricket Notches150
Rev. F. W. Gray151
The Rev. Cromwell Bush151
Zion Chapel152
Parliamentary fares G.W.R.152
August 1899Page
Concerning Cary Chapels153
Cricket Notches153
Richard Zouche154
Phelps on cary 1838154
The Kirton Family155
Attendabce Prizes155
Notes and Queries156
Robbing the Mail 1737156
They Say157
The Temperance Movement157
In Our Churchyard158
The Storm of 1703158
Wincanton Field Club159
Local Events159
Our Register160
Caryites Abroad160
September 1899Page
Samuel Woodforde161
Some Errors Corrected161
They Say162
Cricket Notches162
Words of Cheer163
News and Notes163
Jim's Wife164
Preparations Against Spain164
Collinson on Ansford 1791165
Frederick Smith165
Honours Column166
Local Events166
Our Register167
Lodge Hill167
Notes and Queries168
In Stourton Gardens168
October 1899Page
John James Burge169
Swallows and Spinster169
Jim's Wife Replies170
Local Events170
Local Chronology171
News and Notes171
The Critics172
Phelps on Cary173
Our Register174
Cricket Notches174
They Say175
Notes and Queries175
Before the Armada176
Zion Chapel176
November 1899Page
The Old Folks' Tea177
They Say177
Replies to Questions178
Notes and Queries178
Some Quaint Epitaphs179
Phelps on Cary179
Our Register180
Local events180
The Zojer o' the Queen181
Preparing for 1900181
Local Chronology182
John Tompson182
Zion Chapel183
Cary and Glastonbury183
Cricket Notches184
The Late Col. Sherston184
December 1899Page
They Say185
Widow and Orphans Fund185
Our Register186
Football Notes186
Dancing Lane187
Young Men's Society187
Local Events188
Zion Chapel188
Cary Christmas Mummers189
Local Chronology190
Charles Herbert Bergman190