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January 1900Page
Christmas Mummers1
Zion Chapel1
Local Events2
Cary Conumdrums2
18th Century Gleanings3
Loyal Caryites in 16613
South Court4
New Years Day 19004
Notes and Queries5
Cary Raid in 13345
Our Register6
They Sayo6
Patriotic Presents7
As Others see us7
Cary in the Fifties8
George Aug. Woodforde8
February 1900Page
Our Bible Classes9
Cemetery Interments9
Caryites Abroad10
Rugby Footbal10
Our Empire of Freedom11
Answers to Conundrums11
As Others See Us12
Henry Cary Tompkin12
True Heroes13
Frankpledge in Cary13
War Notes14
They Say14
Our Register15
Some Cary Lawyers15
Phelps on Cary16
Local Events16
March 1900Page
Early Cadbury Dessenters17
Rugby Football Notes17
War Notes18
Our Register18
The Wuld Man's Bwoy19
Notes and Queries19
Our Parish Council20
The "White Hart"20
The Dauncey Family21
They Say21
John Lewis22
Phelps on Cary22
Local Events23
News and Notes23
Zion Chapel24
Cary Taxpayers in 162424
April 1900Page
At the Fountain25
John Cary, Clerk, 142825
Local Events26
The Freemasons26
"To Bobs"27
Footbal Notes27
Notes and Queries28
The Dauncey Family28
Orator Hunt29
Our Soil and Climate29
Rev. William Baker30
They Say30
Our Register31
Sunday Closing31
Phelps on Cary32
Zion Chapel32
May 1900Page
The Choral Society33
Local Events33
Phelps on Cary34
George Wyndham Gray34
The Dauncey Family35
Words of Cheer35
Our Register36
They Say36
Football & Cricket Club37
Admiral Phelps38
Cary's Rampant Lion38
Cary Policemen39
Zion Chapel39
Notes and Queries40
Cary Improvements40
June 1900Page
Only a Sixpence!41
Sherrifs of Somerset41
Castle Cary in Pawn42
Cary Cricket42
The Dauncey Family43
David Luellyn43
Our Register44
Local Events44
Cemetery & Local Events45
Prize Competitions45
Notes and Queries46
Hunt, The Radical46
Phelps on Cary47
Zion Chapel47
They Say48
Who's Who, 190048
July 1900Page
They Say49
When Peace Comes49
Castle Cary Cloth50
Zion Chapel50
The Garden Zeat51
Temperance Mettings51
Cary Cricket52
Notes and Queries52
Local Events53
Our Register53
Catsash Hundred 128154
Interesting Epitaphs54
Phelps on Cary55
Anthony Nancolas55
A Rare Butterfly56
More About Hunt56
August 1900Page
Molly, Oont Thee Come?57
Our Volunteers57
The Good Old Days58
Phelps on Cary Church58
Edward Swallow59
Local Events59
News and Notes60
They Say & Competitions60
A Caryite in Johannesburg61
Famine in India61
Notes and Queries62
On Creech Hill62
Castle Cary Cloth63
King Alfred's March63
Queen Camel's Landlady64
Our Register64
September 1900Page
Our Cary Parlyment65
Death's Head Moth65
Catsash 1588-160366
Phelps on Cary Church66
Our Register67
They Say67
Canon Meade's Club68
Epitaphs at Montacute68
Volunteers at Camp69
Silas Hoskins69
Rectors of Ansford70
Cary Improvements70
Swallow Tombstone71
Local Events71
Board Schools72
Prize Competitions72
October 1900Page
Midshipman Leir in China73
Notes and Queries73
Yarlinton Fair Abolished74
Thomas Wickham & Prizes74
Cary Cricket75
Local Events75
Board School Prizes76
An Ansford Worthy76
Isaac's Golden Wedding77
Phelps on Cary Church77
Skimmerton Riding78
Before the Reformation78
They Say79
Our Register79
Newspaper Cuttings80
Curious Epitaphs80
November 1900Page
Derivation of Ditcheat81
Cricket Notches81
Rev. Canon Meade82
Notes and Queries82
Rugby Football83
YMS & They Say83
Evangelist Fear84
The Dauncey Family84
Our Register85
Local Events85
King O' Zummerset86
Foreign Missions86
Mills and Machinery87
Newspaper Cuttings87
An Old Petition & Prizes88
Cary Charities88
December 1900Page
Castle Building89
Christmas Conundrums89
Local Events90
News and Notes90
An Ansford Tradition91
Histories of Cary91
Notes and Queries92
Seen From The Hill92
Bruton Girls' School93
Bruton School Picture93
Thomas Coles94
They Say94
Our Register95
Cary Football95
Edward I. in Caryland96
A Surveyor in 178996
January 1901Page
Castle Cary in 172797
Yarlington's Charter97
A Vicar's Funeral98
Enos Wines98
Sir Francis Hastings99
Notes and Queries99
Cary Conundrums100
They Say100
Caryites in India101
Cary Football101
Our Register102
They All Say So102
Local Events103
Wi' The Zeason's Greetin's103
One Hundred Years Ago104
A Christmas Carol104
February 1901Page
Interesting Incidents105
Prize Competitions105
At Ansford Inn, 1830106
Wesley's Preaching House106
Cary Football107
The Good Old Times107
A Caryite's Note Book108
"Welcome, Bobs!"108
A Caryite in Jersey109
James Kirton109
Our Register110
They Say110
Notes and Queries111
The Queen's Death111
Local Events112
Caryites Abroad112
March 1901Page
As Others See Us113
Rectors of Yarlington113
A Day of Mourning114
Mr Skinner's Journals114
One from the Plough115
Notes and Queries115
A Growing Industry116
Simultaneous Mission116
Cary Football117
They Say117
Our Post Office118
James Pilley118
Local Events119
An Old Bell-ringer119
Our Register120
News and Notes120
April 1901Page
The Census121
Thomas Cary121
Local Events122
Our Parish Council122
Home from South Africa123
On Changing Bikes123
"Helen Mathers"124
William Mellier's Wooing124
Bruton in 1797125
Mr Skinner's Journal125
Rugby & Assoc, Football126
Notes and Queries126
Our Register127
They Say127
In Praise of Pither128
Recruiting in Cary128
May 1901Page
Leveston Russell Hamilton129
Cary Church 1810129
Local Events130
Rugby Football130
News and Notes131
They Say131
Notes and Queries132
The Siege of Cary132
Hornblotton Church133
Ansford in 1670133
Teetotal Anniverary134
Our Register134
Musical Matters135
Newspaper Cuttings136
Cary Conenanters136
June 1901Page
Cricket Notches137
They Say137
Cary in 1670138
"Delinquents" 1646-51138
Agnes Cheeke139
Local Events139
Newspaper Cuttings140
Local Events140
Cary Rates141
Our Register141
Cary Burials 1900142
News and Notes142
Who'll Go One Better?143
A Coroner's Journal143
Origin of Catsash144
Notes and Queries144
July 1901Page
The Irish Conquest145
They Say146
School Board Election146
Some Election Addresses147
Our Register147
Cary in 1670148
Local Events148
King Alfred's Tower149
Richard Gundry's Mare149
A Disappointing Census150
Cricket Notches150
Cary Clockmakers etc151
How Ladies Do It151
Burton's Execution152
Notes and Queries152
August 1901Page
Our Volunteers153
Cricket Notches153
Notes and Queries154
Warbeck's Supporters154
Local Events155
Helen Mathers in Cary155
Cary Cloth Trade156
Our Register156
News and Notes157
Parish Matters & Prizes157
William Pew158
Epitaphs and Inscriptions158
In Henry VIII's Time159
Cary Printers159
School Board Prizes160
They Say160
September 1901Page
Local Inquests161
Canons of Bruton161
News and Notes162
Honours and Successes162
Remarkable Storms163
The Horse Pond163
Willoughby de Broke164
Cary in Doomsday164
Bruton Church165
Bruton Church Drawing165
They Say166
Our Register166
Local Events167
Cricket Notches & Prizes167
Some Cary Doctors168
Notes and Queries168
October 1901Page
William Lutte169
A Sport-loving Parson169
Our Register170
Wedding Presents170
Local Events171
Agricultural Society171
Local Chronology172
Newspaper Cuttings172
Rare Insects173
More Cary Doctors173
Somerset & Dorset Railway174
They Say174
Foreign Missions175
Sports and Pastimes175
Marriages Long Ago176
November 1901Page
Cary Volunteers 1803177
Plumbers and Glaziers177
Canons of Bruton178
Farewell to Summer178
Our Register179
They Say179
Helen Mathers180
Marriages Long Ago180
Old Local Rhymes181
Wincanton, Bruton 1754181
Sports and Pastimes182
Prize Competitions182
Local Events183
Notes and Queries183
Local Chronology184
Sir Lloyd Mathews184
December 1901Page
Young Men's Society185
Local Events185
Local Inquests186
Local Chronology186
Foden Lawrence187
Marriages Long Ago187
News and Notes188
Notes and Queries188
They Say189
The Nurseries189
Jack White's Gibbet190
Our Register190