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January 1902Page
Thomas Austin1
A Quaker's Funeral1
Our Register2
Words of Cheer2
Sports and Pastimes3
Notes and Queries3
Cary Long Ago4
Local Events4
Bruton in 1850-15
Marriages Long Ago5
Cary Conundrums6
Bolyer's Bridge6
They Say7
News and Notes7
Familiar Quotations8
Sir Benjamin Hobhouse8
February 1902Page
The Bruton "Unicorn"9
A Famous Printer9
Notes and Queries10
They Say10
Local Events11
Mission to Children11
As Others See Us12
Answers to Conundrums12
The Cary Family13
Stephen Longman13
Sports and Pastimes14
Our Register14
A Cottage Hospital15
Cary Burials 190115
Who Wrote These Lines?16
Marriages Long Ago16
March 1902Page
Our Register17
Prize Competition17
The Bruton "George"18
Woodforde & Stourhead18
The Parish Pound19
Notes and Queries19
A Hornblotton Riot20
The Late Mr. Whitelock20
The Late Lieut. J. B. Tabor21
News and Notes21
The Black Death22
Rev. John Creed22
Caryites Abroad23
Wyke Champflower23
Local Events24
They Say24
April 1902Page
East Lydford in 165825
The Late Mr. McKerrow25
Local Events26
The Chamberlaine Family27
Wiltshire Moonrakers27
Notes and Queries28
Atmospheric Phenomenon28
William Purdewe29
The Nat. Schools 1840-6329
They Say30
Sports and Pastimes30
Our Register31
Parish Meeting31
Cary and the USA32
Ann Ellen32
May 1902Page
In Lovington Churchyard33
Local Natural History33
The National Schools34
Seen from the Hill34
Coronation Program35
East Lydford35
Wincanton's Water36
Richard Cozens36
Cottages at Ansford37
Origin of Hornblotton37
Our Register38
Rugby Football38
They Say39
Coronation 1821-183839
Local Events40
June 1902Page
They Say41
Musical Notes41
Horsey of Lydford42
Seen from the Hill42
Cary Families 1830-190243
The National Schools43
Isaac Francis44
The Other Side44
Coronation Celebration45
Our Register45
Coronation of George IV46
The Pennard Cheese Again46
Notes and Queries47
Local Events47
News and Notes48
Words of Cheer48
July 1902Page
Proclamation of Peace49
Our Register49
Peace and Coronation50
They Say50
Procession and Decoration51
The Modified Programme51
Local Events52
Marriages Long Ago52
News and Notes53
Coronation of Victoria53
James Taylor54
The Church Cock's Crow54
Notes and Queries55
Cricket Notches55
Horsey of Lydford56
The National Schools56
August 1902Page
Radical Hunt's Ancestors57
Our Adult Schools57
The National Schools58
News and Notes58
Our Register59
Cricket Notches59
Horsey of Lydford60
Bits About Bruton60
Our Bonfire61
Mary of Castle Cary61
Local Events62
Cary Men of War62
Roads to Cary 179163
They Say63
The Church Bazaar64
Cary in 178964
September 1902Page
Cary Fighting Men 153965
A CAry Will in 157465
Our Register66
The Lighting Dispute66
They Say67
Temperance Festival67
Local Events68
Cary Butchers68
The National Schools69
The King's Coronation69
News and Notes70
Prize Competitions70
Horsey of Lydford71
Notes and Queries71
Edmond Gregory72
Schools and Successes72
October 1902Page
Cricket Notes73
Local Events74
A Stavordale Worthy74
Dugdale on Cary75
They Say75
A Row about the Manor76
Notes and Queries76
The Board Schools77
The National Schools77
News and Notes78
Thought it was Cider78
Dorothy Mountjoy79
Our Register79
The Fight about Light80
Street-lighting in 186180
November 1902Page
Richard Lovel81
Theatrical Retrospections81
A Plague of Meetings82
Local Events82
Catsash Register Book83
Our Register83
The Alma84
The National Schools84
Our Round House85
Rugby Football85
News and Notes86
Notes and Queries86
Wesleyanism at Ditcheat87
They Say87
Castle Cary Scotland88
Comets 1858,1882,190288
December 1902Page
Law Cases in 133189
Ditcheat Bells89
Parish Registers 183190
Sunny Hill School90
Cricket Averages 190291
News and Notes91
The National Schools92
Local Events92
The Late Mr. Corner93
Men's Adult School93
Our Register94
Coronation Celebration94
They Say95
Rugby Football95
The Will of John Lewis96
The Swallow Tombstone96
January 1903Page
Cary in 153997
The Late Mr. Corner97
They Say98
Notes and Queries98
Local Events99
Our Register99
The National Schools100
Charles Russ100
Our Town Crier101
Cary Conundrums101
Markets and Fairs102
News and Notes102
Our Drill Instructions103
Bruton in 1830103
Helen Mathers104
Familiar Quotations104
February 1903Page
Some Hard Frosts105
Nonagenarians etc105
Cary Burials 1902106
Our Register106
They Say107
News and Notes107
Prize Competitions108
"Magna Britannia"108
Conventicles in Cary109
Value of Property109
Temperance Mission110
Answers to Conundrums110
Football Notes111
Notes and Queries111
Local Events112
Markets and Fairs112
March 1903Page
Wincanton Union 1840-42113
Answers to Conundrums113
Notes and Queries114
A Soldier's Experiences114
Young Men's Society115
Local Events115
The Stocks116
Miss Coombs117
Samuel Craddock B.D.117
Caryites Abroad118
They Say118
Our Register119
Rugby Football119
Interesting Epitaphs120
Albin Close120
April 1903Page
Our Cemetery121
Local Events121
More Nonagenarians122
The Spelling Bee122
Our Register123
Robert Evett123
Our School Board124
News and Notes124
Our Charter of 1614125
Alford Yeoman''s Bequests125
Caryites Abroad126
A Soldier's Experiences126
They Say127
Cudworth of Cadbury127
The Cary Fire Engine128
Notes and Queries128
May 1903Page
Gipsy King and Queen129
Coombe Bottom129
Fires Long Ago130
Curious Customs130
They Say131
News and Notes131
Petty Sessions at Cary132
Notes and Queries132
John Symonds133
Sales of Land Long Ago133
In South Africa134
Our Register134
Local Events135
The Langport Railway135
Our Church136
Blackmore Vale Hunt136
June 1903Page
"A Quaint Old Spot"137
Five Centuries Ago137
Wake Up Teetotalers138
News and Notes138
Poor Catherine Grey!139
Parish Matters139
Notes and Queries140
South African Adventures140
Wincanton & Bruton 1801141
Birds of Castle Cary141
Local Events142
Our Register142
They Say143
Past Events Recalled143
Anne Powell144
Congregational Ministers144
July 1903Page
Who Ousted Mackie?145
Our Register145
Dr. Woodforde on Tea146
Charles II in Cary146
South African Adventures147
Fires Long Ago147
They Say148
News and notes148
The Education Muddle149
Notes and Queries149
Castle Cary Mammals150
William Robson151
Rev. Richard Warner F.A.S.151
Cary Bibliography152
The Church Bells152
August 1903Page
The Council Schools153
Sunday School Union153
Turnpike gates154
The Rev. J. Grosvenor154
Hadspen House155
Newspaper Cuttings155
News and Notes156
They Say156
Local Events157
Intersting Presentations157
Clementina Sobieski158
Notes and Queries158
Marriages Long Ago159
Memorable Thunderstorms159
Our Register160
Our Volunteers160
September 1903Page
Temperance Festival161
Railway Jottings161
A Dishonest Caryite162
Volunteers in 1804162
Local Events163
Our Register163
News and Notes164
They Say164
Fore Street Castle Cary165
Cary Overseers165
Some Big Shows166
Japanese missions166
Catsash in 1603167
Notes and Queries167
Bristol To Bournemouth168
Pitcombe Fire168
October 1903Page
Death of Godfrey Thring169
Clementina Sobieski169
Pastimes and Sports170
Local Chronology170
Notes and Queries171
The Cary171
A September Evening172
Thomas Woodforde172
News and Notes173
Waggon and Horses173
They Say174
Local Events174
Death of Mrs. B. Harrold175
Our Register175
Thomas Carie's Will176
Marriages Long Ago176
November 1903Page
Bad Luck177
Daniel Grainger177
Law Cases in 1331178
Societies and Secretaries178
They Say179
Some Somerset Bridges179
Sunday Schools in 1785180
Intersting Presentations180
Men's Adult School181
Another Castle Cary181
Our Register182
Local Chronology182
Cary Flax Dressers183
Edward Russ183
The Church in 1852184
Local Events184
December 1903Page
Some Somerset Bridges185
These Have Done Well186
The "George" Hotel186
Our Register187
Cary Park in 1614187
News and Notes188
The Late Mr. H. C. Pitman188
Local Chronology189
They Say189
Local Events190
Sergeant Elliott190