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January 1904Page
The Vicarage in 16081
Frederick Gray J.P.1
The Church Bells2
Pond and Ditch Life2
Local Events3
Food Prices 1820 and 19033
They Say4
Our Register4
Our Cary Bells5
Notes and News5
James Bulgin's Puzzles6
They All Say So6
Bruton Cong. Church7
Buried Surnames7
Masses for Lord Lovel8
Cary Conundrums8
February 1904Page
Frances Catherine Meade9
Parsons and People in 15459
Prize Competitions10
Our Register10
They Say11
Convalescent Fund11
Notes and Queries12
Bruton Congr. Church12
The Late Mrs. Carey13
Cary Drapers13
Burials in 190314
Local Events14
The Church Bells15
Zion Chapel Epitaphs15
Poetical Greetings16
Warbeck's Supporters16
March 1904Page
The Britannia17
Cary Villa17
My Birthplace18
Young Men's Society18
They Say19
John Cary's Will19
Our Register20
Castle Cary Vicars20
Newspaper Cuttings21
Wedding Festivities21
News and Notes22
Prize Competition22
Anthony Abarough23
Still They Come23
Local Events24
A Cary Poet's Troubles24
April 1904Page
They Say25
Lady-Day Changes25
Notes and Queries26
Local Events26
Lost Occupations27
A Connecting Link27
Our Register28
Cary Fishmongers28
The Park Pond29
John Fitz-James29
Cary in 135230
Tom's Coffin30
Our Parish Council31
Seen from the Hill31
News and Notes32
Hercules Dinghurst32
May 1904Page
Notes and Queries33
Our Adult Schools33
Old Folks' Yarns34
Cromwell in Cary34
Newspaper Gleanings35
The Surgery35
They Say36
Lord Lovel's Estate 135236
News and Notes37
Pither's Pithy Precepts38
William Ettricke38
Local Events39
Castle Cary Vicars39
Our Register40
Musical Cary40
June 1904Page
Our Register41
Newspaper Gleanings41
News and Notes42
Falconer & A Testimony42
Notes and Queries43
Camelot or Cadbury43
Local Events44
William Carent, 1435-145244
House Names45
The Rev. A. W. Grafton45
They Say46
Two Funerals46
Wyke Champflower Thorn47
Musical Bruton47
Gerard on Cary 163348
A Trial Sermon48
July 1904Page
Church and Chapel49
Temperance Societies49
Newspaper Gleanings50
Local Events51
Elizabth Boucher 167351
Our Oldest Inhabitant52
Our Volunteers52
They Say53
News and Notes53
Gerard on Cary 163354
Our Work54
John Budden Buncombe55
Notes and Queries55
Henry & Bruton Abbey56
Our Register56
August 1904Page
Stavordale Priory57
Interesting Presentations57
Local Events58
Roman Remains58
Notes and Queries59
My Father and My God59
Parish Mtg. & New Vicar60
Bruton Field Names60
Phelps on Ansford61
Image of Ansford Church61
Council School Prizes62
Interesting Epitaphs62
They Say63
News and Notes63
Newspaper Gleanings64
Our Register64
September 1904Page
They Say65
Bruton Banks65
Temperance Festivals66
Ale Houses in 164566
Workers in Iron67
Notes and Queries67
Local Events68
News and Notes68
The Rev, H. E. Wake M.A.69
Nurse of the Zouches69
Newspaper Gleanings70
Phelps on Ansford70
Interesting Weddings71
Past and Present Inns71
Our Register72
Our Volunteers at Camp72
October 1904Page
Death of Mr. W. Mitchell73
Mrs. Fennell's Charity73
Newspaper Gleanings74
Football and Cricket74
Phelps on Ansford75
What Our Poets Say75
Local Events76
A Path Dispute76
Past and Present Inns77
Our Register77
News and Notes78
The Barony of Cary78
Notes and Queries79
Marriages Long Ago79
Interesting Weddings80
They Say80
November 1904Page
The Meade Memorial81
A Good Laddie, That!81
Notes and Queries82
They Say82
Local Events83
News and Notes83
Off to California84
Burial of Suicides84
Newspaper Gleanings85
Curious Old Wills85
Our Register86
Seven Centuries Ago87
Lady Katheriine Hertford87
Early Cary Bands88
A Loss to Bruton88
December 1904Page
Newspaper Gleanings89
Clementina Sobieski89
They Say90
Small Down Camp90
Early Cary Bands91
Old Folks' Tea91
Notes and Queries92
Marriages Long Ago92
The Late G. Grimes93
Pitcombe and Wyke93
Local Events94
Young Men's Society94
Our Register95
Wesleyan School-room96
Local Clergy in 181696
January 1905Page
The Grafton Memorial97
Early Nonconformists97
Our Register98
Cary Conundrums98
Local Events99
Interesting Presentations99
News From Afar100
Mr. Gregory's Greeting100
To every Caryite101
The Lords of Cary101
Early Cary Bands102
A Vicar in 1488102
Cary Tailors103
They Say103
Death of Lord Hobhouse104
The Wellington Monument104
February 1905Page
Answers to Conundrums105
Burials in 1904105
Local Events106
Our Registers106
Origin of Catsash107
They Say107
Varmer Dibben's Stove108
R. R. C. Gregory108
Death of Mr. White109
Notes and Queries109
Caurimauri Cloth110
The Grafton Memorial110
The Lords of Cary111
Newspaper Gleanings111
The Langport Railway112
The Divining Rod112
March 1905Page
Free Trade in Somerset113
Our Sunday Schools113
Our Register114
A Clever Quaker115
They Say115
Horseshoe Superstitions116
Musical Cary116
Some Crack Shots117
The Lords of Cary117
The Grafton Memorial118
Galhampton and Waterloo118
Local Events119
Prophane Love119
Our G.W.R. Station120
Shepton Montague Chapel120
April 1905Page
Somerset Folk Songs121
Castle Cary Band121
Notes and Queries122
Local events122
Interesting Presentations123
They Say123
United Kingdom Alliance124
M.P.'s for Milborne Port124
Galhampton Place125
An Old-Time Lawyer125
Caryites in London126
Our Register126
News and Notes127
Obituary Notice127
Newspaper Gleanings128
Words of Cheer128
May 1905Page
The Late Mr. Gifford129
Thoughts of Spring129
Local Events130
Horseshoe Superstitions130
The Rev. James Woodforde131
They Say131
In Their Norman Home132
Sale of the Manor132
Jack White's Gibbet133
Our Register134
Mr. George Kendall134
The Half Moon135
Marriages Long Ago135
Castle Cary C.E.T.S.136
News and Notes136
June 1905Page
A Nonagenarian Artist137
Bruton and Cary137
Notes and Queries138
Death of Admiral Phelps138
Diary Notes139
News and Notes139
A Familiar Corner140
Lovel and the Jews140
Local Events141
The Pennard Cheese141
An Old Charter142
Newspaper Gleanings142
They Say143
Our Register143
The Streets of the City144
Hoare of Stourhead144
July 1905Page
Notes and Queries145
Caryites Abroad145
Quakers at Bruton146
Local Events146
Cary in 1759, 1773, 1782147
An Ordination Service147
Mr. E. O. Francis148
Jack Whites Gibbet148
Parish Finance149
Congregational Ministers149
News and Notes150
They Say150
Markets and Fairs151
A Dispute in 1534151
"Dear Old Rhoda"152
Our Register152
August 1905Page
Helen Mathers153
Mid-Somerset Mission153
Markets and Fairs154
Cary Clubs154
Birds of Castle Cary155
Another Cheese Story155
Our Register156
Temperance Society156
Castle Cary Station157
The New Railway157
Bruton Church U.S.A.158
Notes and Queries158
Marriages Long Ago159
Local Events159
They Say160
Church School Prizes160
September 1905Page
Our Volunteers at Camp161
They Say161
Across South Africa162
Shepton Montague Registers162
On Lodge Hill163
Curious Discovery163
An Unfortunate Bride164
Stavordale Priory164
Our Register165
Compliments Still Come165
Concerning the Lovels166
News and Notes166
Birds of Castle Cary167
Local Events167
Newspaper Cuttings168
Seen From The Hill168
October 1905Page
Five Somerset Churches169
Barony of Cary169
The New Railway170
The Late Mr. Hamilton170
Our Register171
They Say171
Our Oldest Tradesman172
Birds of Castle Cary172
Across South Africa173
Notes and Queries173
Bruton Church U.S.A.174
Parliamentry Elections174
Lolcal Events175
News and Notes175
Death of Mr. Gilmour176
Chronological Index176
November 1905Page
Death of a Nonogenarian177
Cary Ironmongers177
Our Register178
News and Notes178
Chronological Index179
They Say179
Dr. Barnardo180
Mrs. E. Sims180
Rev. J. Grosvenor181
Birds of Castle Cary181
Local Events182
Bruton Church U.S.A.182
The Penny Family183
Diary Notes183
Across South Africa184
Quakers at Bruton184
December 1905Page
They Say185
Young Men's Society185
The Penny Family186
A Montacute Legend186
Olive Luvel of Kari187
Story of a Diary187
Peg-Leg Bob188
Our Register188
Local Events189
Chronological Index189
Across South Africa190
Cadbury House190