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January 1906Page
In Queen Elizabeth's Time1
One hundred Years Ago1
Cary Conundrums2
Our New Directory3
They Say3
Lord Hobhouse4
Ansford Inn4
Notes and Queries5
Local Events5
The Gifford Charities6
The Late Mrs. Rawlings6
Manor Farm7
Our Register7
Barton St. David Church8
Youmg Men's Society8
February 1906Page
Interesting Presentations9
Marriages Long Ago9
Cary Wild Flowers10
Burials in 190510
Our Register11
They Say11
Notes and Queries12
Answers to Conundrums12
Young Men's Society13
The Old Loom13
Local Events14
The Election14
Our Directory15
Messages From Afar15
One Hundred Years Ago16
Dr. Woodforde's Warning16
March 1906Page
A Bogus Bank17
One Hundred Years Ago17
Fitzjames, Steward of Cary18
Our Directory18
Local Events19
They Say19
Cary Wild Flowers20
Notes and Queries20
Kingston's Wedding21
The King's Wedding21
More Kind Words22
Our Register22
The Infant School23
The Mitre Inn23
Somerset Men in London24
Abbots of Bruton24
April 1906Page
Cary and Scotland25
Stourhead, Wilts25
Diary Notes26
Miss Janet Mackie's Return26
Our Register27
They Say27
The King's Wedding28
Notes and Queries28
Holton Church29
Young Men's Society29
News and Notes30
Cary Wild Flowers30
Kingston's First Wife31
Local Events31
Our Directory32
Storms of Long Ago32
May 1906Page
Do We Want It33
Cadbury Castle33
Young Men's Society34
Local Events34
Silk in Somerset35
Notes and Queries35
Our Directory36
Our Register37
Mr. James Mackie37
The Choral Society38
Cary Wild Flowers38
Marriages Long Ago39
Micah Clarke's Adventures39
Origin of Catsash40
They Say40
June 1906Page
Cary Wild Flowers41
The Fight for Reform 183141
Local Events42
Young Men's Society42
Hospital Rhymes43
They Say43
About Lodge HIll44
Our Directory44
Galhampton House45
Dennis Rolle in Florida45
Our Register46
Camden on Cary47
Knacker's Hole47
Cary in 178548
Death of "Old Rhoda"48
July 1906Page
Can Anyone Explain?49
Notes and Queries49
Alford House50
The Town Band50
They Say51
The Langport Railway51
Newspaper Cuttings52
Our Directory52
A Rare Insect53
Young Men's Society53
Twincum Bridge54
The Manor in 131654
Our Register55
Cary Wild Flowers55
Some Bruton Dates56
Local Events56
August 1906Page
Some Bruton Dates57
Young Men's Society57
Earthquakes in Somerset58
Our Schoolmaster58
Our Register59
News and Notes59
Cary Wild Flowers60
Our Directory60
Ditcheat Church61
The Fight for Reform61
Monmouth in Cary62
Notes and Queries62
By Sedgmoor Field63
They Say63
Jottings in a Bible64
Local Events64
September 1906Page
Council School Prizes65
Cary Wild Flowers65
Interesting Presentations66
Our Register66
Local Events67
They Say67
Young Men's Society68
North Cadbury Church68
Boyd's Loom Shed69
Our Directory69
One Hundred Years Ago70
News and Notes70
Gratifying Successes71
Some Bruton Dates71
Jottings in a Bible72
Notes and Queries72
October 1906Page
A Century of Methodism73
The Parsonage in 153273
Offer of Back Numbers74
The Late Mr. Poole74
Our Register75
The Castle Builder75
Cary Wild Flowers76
West Lydford76
A Golden Wedding77
Notes and Queries77
Bruton in 179378
They Say78
News and Notes79
The Divining Rod79
Local Events80
Some Field Names80
November 1906Page
Cary Wild Flowers81
About Tithings81
Notes and Queries82
Marriages Long Ago82
Our Register83
Phelps on West Lydford83
Bruton Residents 179384
Cary Parish Register84
Over Sixty Years85
Facts and Scraps85
News and Notes86
They Say86
Local Events87
Young Men's Society87
Fires Long Ago88
The Gas Company88
December 1906Page
Mrs. Thring of Uppingham89
West Lydford89
They Say90
Notes and Queries91
Miniature Rifle Range91
Local Events92
One Hundred Years Ago92
Cary Wild Flowers93
Bruton Residents 179393
From Caryites Abroad94
An Expelled Vicar94
Our Register95
Prize Competitions95
The Roach Family96
Facts and Scraps96
January 1907Page
Ansford in 162997
Cary's Owner Executed97
Scholastic Changes98
They Say98
Punishment by Whipping99
In Lunnon Town99
Kari the Firebrand100
News and Notes100
In the Year 1807101
Death of Mr. Corps101
Round House Rhymes102
Christmas Conundrums102
Local Events103
Our Register103
Cary Wild Flowers104
Notes and Queries104
February 1907Page
The Round House105
Cary Wild Flowers105
Deaths and Burials in 1908106
They Say106
More Kind Words107
News and Notes107
Collinson on East Lydford108
Prize Competitions108
Death of Mr. H. Harrold109
Local Events109
Our Register110
Walter De Doual110
The Liberal Club111
Cary Policemen111
Davis Llewellin112
Notes and Queries112
March 1907Page
A Notable Vicar113
Congo Atrocities113
Loyal Congregationalists114
News and Notes114
A Maniac in Church115
Remarkable Alford Family115
Our Volunteers116
Hugh Sexey116
Marriages Long Ago117
Cary Wild Flowers117
Isolation Hospital118
Facts and Scraps118
They Say119
An Election in 1852119
Our Register120
Local Events120
April 1907Page
The Golden Lion121
An Election in 1852121
Local Events122
They Say123
News and Notes123
Cary Wild Flowers124
The Marquis of Hertford124
Mr. John Pither125
Origin of Cary125
Our Register126
Our Parish Council126
About an Organ127
In The Days Of Old127
Jack White's Gibbet128
Local Inquests128
May 1907Page
Death of Mr. Jones129
Puritanism and Parliament129
They Say130
Many Centuries Ago131
Ministers and Delegates131
Romano-British Cary132
Death of Mr. J. P. Green132
Mr F. S. Moore133
Our Register133
Sibthorpe the Sycophant134
Marriages Long Ago134
The Choral Society135
Local Events135
Cary Wild Flowers136
Notes and Queries136
June 1907Page
Rechabites 1844-1854137
The Last Of Them137
They All Say So138
Notes and Queries138
Fictitious Centenarians139
Cary Clergy in 1377139
Cary Wild Flowers140
Fifty Years Ago140
Ochiltree House141
Castle Cary Charities141
They Say142
News and Notes142
Our Register143
Local Events143
The Colby Family144
Woodforde and Stourhead144
July 1907Page
In Coaching Days145
Notes and Queries145
Cary Water Supply146
News and Notes146
At the Adult School147
Pastoral Plays147
Pauperism in 1830148
Bruton Long Ago148
Rev. C. A. Sheppard149
A Letter from Edward149
Woodforde and Stourhead150
They Say150
Local Events151
New Theology Long Ago151
Our Register152
Wincanton, Cary, Alford152
August 1907Page
The Holy Thorn153
Gant's Mill153
Cary Described154
They Say154
Cary Ratepayers in 1769155
Moths and Butterflies155
The Water Scheme156
Alford Well156
Mr. John M. Green157
Local Events157
Burials in Woollen158
Marriages Long Ago158
Japanese Visitors159
Our Register159
Bygones Recalled160
Bits About Bruton160
September 1907Page
Notes and Queries161
Disturbances in 1830161
Council School Prizes162
Marriages Long Ago162
Local Events163
Volunteers at Camp163
Pope or King?164
Personal Paragraphs164
Captain Gifford165
Prize Competitions165
Our Register166
They Say166
Nonconformists at Alford167
Centuries Ago167
Cary Mercers in 1780168
Collinson on Pitcombe168
October 1907Page
Our Roads in 1753169
Bits About Bruton169
Local Events170
Local Chronology170
They Say171
Interesting Presentations171
Taxpayers in 1641172
The Late Capt. Pretor172
Cary Church173
Free Trade in 1685173
Familiar Quotations174
Our Register174
The Late Rev. J. T. Hamly175
Collinson on Pitcombe175
Some Local Fairs176
Notes and Queries176
November 1907Page
News and Notes177
More Presentations177
Local Events178
The Isolation Hospital178
North Cadbury Items179
Our Register179
Sir James Dyer180
Band of Hope180
Mr. J. S. Donne, J.P.181
Cary Societies181
Ninety Years Ago182
Notes and Queries182
They Say183
Prize Competitions183
Recurring Surnames184
Local Chronology184
December 1907Page
Cary Gold-Seeker185
Local Chronology185
Famous Geologist186
They Say186
Prize Competitions187
Rev. W. Paige187
Our Register188
Castle of Cary188
Local Events189
Interesting Debates189
Travelling in 1851190
Our Parish Registers190