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January 1908Page
Our Register1
They Say1
A New Guide2
Cary Conundrums2
Then and Now3
The Storm of 17033
Notes and Queries4
Recurring Surnames4
Death of Old George5
News and Notes5
A Whiff from Lodge Hill6
Seasonable Compliments6
Local Events7
Men's Adult School7
Old-Time Gleanings8
Cary Savings Bank8
February 1908Page
Death of a Fiddler9
Notes on Churches9
Jarge's Dream10
Local Events11
Godfrey Thring11
James Teare in Cary12
Burials in 190712
Mr. F. W. Harrold13
Notes and Queries13
They Say14
Prize Competitions14
Our Register15
The Indian Mutiny15
Marriages Long Ago16
The Storm of 170316
March 1908Page
Our Register17
They Say17
Murry in Bruton18
Ralph Hopton19
Storm of 170319
Mr. George Sweetman20
Cary Savings Bank20
Messages from Readers21
Local Events21
News and Notes22
Hornblotton Rector 144122
Bruton Clockmakers23
Bratton St. Maur23
Notes and Queries24
Death of Rev. A. Greet24
April 1908Page
Cary Savings Bank25
The First St. Maur25
Our Register26
Notes and Queries26
Our Cookery Class27
The Choral Society27
Church Briefs28
Bits About Bruton28
Intersting Ruins29
The Storm of 170329
Children's Games30
Castle Cary Yeomanry30
They Say31
Local Events31
Witham Friary32
The Volunteer Movement32
May 1908Page
They Say33
Our Territorials33
Cary Savings Bank34
Caryland Agriculture34
Bruton Loses Hayter35
Bits About Bruton35
Local Events36
Bruton Market36
Our Register37
Sunday Schools37
Rev. Francis Woodforde38
Notes and Queries38
A Love Affair39
A Crimean Veteran39
Some Snowstorms40
Our Parish Church40
June 1908Page
Bruton Tokens41
Ansford-Somerton Road41
Our Register42
Band of Hope42
The Licensing Bill43
Bruton Choral Society43
Stavordale Priory44
Cary Savings Bank44
Died in South Africa45
Bruton Market45
Samuel Woodforde R.A.46
Local Events46
They Say47
News and Notes47
Marriages Long Ago48
Notes and Queries48
July 1908Page
Notes and Queries49
News and Notes49
Local Events50
Congreg. Ministers 184950
Stavordale Priory51
They Say51
Marriages Long Ago52
Our Territorial Army52
The Late Mr. G.C. Osborne53
Botany of Cary53
Jack White's Ghost54
Our Register54
Newspaper Cuttings55
Somerset Clockmakers55
Cary Savings Bank56
Men's Sunday Meetings56
August 1908Page
The Two Brutons57
Diary Notes57
Our Register58
The Pastoral Play58
Bruton Church Somerset59
News and Notes59
Cadbury House60
Marriages Long Ago60
Death of Mr. Donne61
Cary Savings Bank61
Local Events62
The Y.M.S. Holds On62
A Cadbury Musician63
They Say63
The Church Organ64
Proposed Hobby Exhibition64
September 1908Page
Cary Charities65
A Cadbury Musician65
Council School Prizes66
Caryites Abroad66
They Say67
Men's Sunday Meetings67
Map of Caryland68
Image of Map68
Unwelcome Soldiers69
S. P. C. K.69
Notes and Queries70
Local Events70
Our Register71
Angel Club71
The Pastoral Play72
Fourteen Loaves Lost72
October 1908Page
Our Register73
Minister of Pitcombe73
News and Notes74
King Arthur's Sword74
Compton Castle75
Mr. Donne's Bequests75
Old Age Pensions76
Prize Competitions76
At Tinderbox77
Winter's Work77
Notes and Queries78
Bruton Market78
Local Events79
A Bruton Poet79
They Say80
A Water Company80
November 1908Page
Monks of Bruton81
Cary Insurance Agents81
Notes and Queries82
Cary Painters82
They Say83
Prize Competitions83
Bruton in 180084
The Gifford Charities84
Our Adult Schools85
Cary in 184085
Our Register86
Interesting Epitaphs87
News and Notes87
Local Events88
Our Flourishing Village88
December 1908Page
A Bruton Will 147189
Cary in 180889
Our Register90
Political Meetings90
Ambulance Demonstration91
Prize Competitions91
Local Events92
A Missing Chapman92
Cary Market93
News and Notes93
W. E. Miller M.R.C.S.94
They Say94
Notes and Queries95
Helen Mathers95
The View from Rookham96
Castle Cary Church 149296
January 1909Page
Castle Cary Church 149297
The Water Company97
They Say98
Holiday Conundrums98
Local Events99
News and Notes99
Bampfylde Moore Carew100
Hundred and Tithings100
The Town Crier101
Young Men's Society101
Notes and Queries102
Parliamentary Fares G.W.R.102
Our Register103
One More104
One Less104
February 1909Page
Old Age Pension105
Col. W. M. Sherston105
Answers to Conundrums106
Local Events106
Bampfylde Moore Carew107
Some Snowstorms107
Cary's First Pensioner108
Notes and Queries108
Our Register109
Carey in Fiction110
Jarge in Lunnon110
Caryites Abroad111
Death-Roll of 1908111
They Say112
News and Notes112
March 1909Page
Butleigh Monument113
Caryites in Ireland113
Benevolent Caryites 1661114
The Wheatsheaf114
Local Events115
Bampfylde Moore Carew115
Newspaper Extracts116
Items of Interest116
James Mackie117
They Say117
Our Register118
News and Notes118
About Bruton Gas119
Notes and Queries119
Jack White's Gibbet120
Bruton Bits120
April 1909Page
Catsash in 1564121
A Brilliant Meteor121
On Lodge Hill122
News and Notes123
Cary in 1809124
Local Events124
Ambulance Successes125
Marriages Long Ago125
They Say126
Death of Mr. Lemon126
Notes and Queries127
Some Cary Teachers127
What Our Readers Say128
Our Register128
May 1909Page
More Kind Words129
Attractions of Cary129
Local Events130
News and Notes131
Interesting Epitaphs131
Captain W. S. Donne132
The National Schools132
Notes and Queries133
Some Cary Teachers133
Ship-Money in Catsash134
Bruton Priory134
Our Register135
Musical Matters135
The Say136
One-Hundred Years Ago136
June 1909Page
Jubilee of George III137
Notes and Queries137
Local Events138
Our Register138
They Say139
Bruton Choral Concert139
Some Cary Teachers140
The National Schools140
Japanese Missions141
News and Notes141
Spring Cleaning142
Parsonage of Cary142
The Manor of Cary 1629143
Prize Competitions143
Cary Butterflies144
Temperance Work144
July 1909Page
Our Town Clock145
Caryites in S.A.145
Marriages Long Ago146
Wesleyan Whispers146
They Say147
Ansford Church Institute147
Eighteenth Century Sales148
Some Cary Teachers148
Church Notes149
The National Schools149
Our Register150
Escape from Goal150
Moths of Cary151
Notes and Queries151
Local Events152
News and Notes152
August 1909Page
Thunderstorms in 1804153
Wincanton Prisoners153
Local Events154
Moths of Cary154
Some Cary Teachers155
Death of Mr. Cruse155
Our Register156
News and Notes156
The Late Mr. C. Thomas157
Appropriate Texts157
Castle Cary Yeomanry158
Free Church Notes158
The Pastoral Play159
They Say159
First Lords of Cary160
Notes and Queries160
September 1909Page
Roads of Long Ago161
Some Cary Teachers161
Notes and Queries162
Our Volunteers 1859-62162
Council School Prizes163
Our Register163
Local Events164
Marriages Long Ago164
Map of Castle Cary165
Image of Map165
They Say166
News and Notes166
Moths of Cary167
John Cam Hobhouse167
A Redlynch Heroine168
The Adult Schools168
October 1909Page
Ditcheat Doings169
Miss Donne's Marriage169
Wesleyan Ministry170
Local Chronology170
Skinner on Cary171
Moths of Cary171
Books at Bruton172
Prize Competitions172
Local Events173
They Say173
Our Register174
Silver Wedding174
Newspaper Cuttings175
Caryites at Frome175
Notes and Queries176
Miss Helen Mathers176
November 1909Page
Two Bruton Families177
The Thring Family177
Moths of Cary178
Notes and Queries178
They Say179
Our Register179
Local Chronology180
The Choral Society180
Wesley Villa181
Young Men's Society181
Cary in 1809182
News and Notes182
Local Events183
Settlement of Poor184
Reminisences of E. Francis184
December 1909Page
King and Queen 1821185
North Cadbury Fish185
Local Events186
Notes and Queries186
Rev. H. G. Steer187
Somerset and the U.S.A.187
The Surname Francis188
Bits About Bruton188
News and Notes189
They Say189
Our Register190
Local Chronology190