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January 1912Page
Our Register1
So Say All Of Them1
A Chat with Mr. Allen2
Wesleyan Quarterly Mtg.2
Children's Games3
Prizes for Boys and Girls3
Rev. D. I. GAss4
Items of Interest4
Cary Men in London5
News and Notes5
When You're In Cary Dais6
Local Events6
King's School Register7
They Say7
Our Local Dialect8
Mr. Geo. Sweetman8
February 1912Page
King's School Register9
Local Events9
"Roger Walker" on Cary10
Prizes for Boys and Girls10
"Counting Out" Verses11
From Our Readers11
The Fight for the Light12
News and Notes12
Fore Street Long Ago13
Death of Rev. D. E. Norton13
The Langport Railway14
They Keep On Saying So14
Our Register15
They Say15
Our Local Dialect16
March 1912Page
Names of Roads & Houses17
Somerset Men In London17
King's School Register18
Local Events18
They Say19
Interesting Church Services19
Turnip Lanterns for Cary20
From our Readers20
The Late Mr. F. W. Harrold21
Prizes for Boys and Girls21
The Hadspen Cricket Club22
Bull Show and Sale22
Our Register23
Death of Mr. T. E. Rogers23
Our Local Dialect24
April 1912Page
Local Inventions25
Keinton Mandeville25
Our Register26
The Hadspen Cricket Club26
King's School Register27
Interesting Church Services27
Choral Society's Concert28
They Say28
Alford Church and Cross29
The Good Old Times29
Skipping Games30
Local Events30
The Late Mr. Macmillan31
Field Names31
Our Local Dialect32
May 1912Page
King's School Register33
Prize Competitions33
Canon Meade's Club34
Field Names34
Cary Industries35
Two More Traditions35
They Say36
Skipping Games36
The Rev. James Grosvenor37
Local Events37
Titanic Diaster38
Our Register38
The Coal Strike39
The Hadspen Cricket Club39
Our Local Dialect40
June 1912Page
Cary Surnames41
Our Church Organ41
Our Register42
Local Events42
Bruton Choral Concert43
United Britons' Club43
Notes and Queries44
They Say44
Musical Successes45
King's School Register46
The Hadspen Cricket Club46
Counting-Out Verses47
Rambles in Somerset47
Our Local Dialect48
July 1912Page
"Twelfth Night"49
Red Cross Society49
Our Register50
Local Events50
The Hadspen Cricket Club51
They Say51
Wesleyan Chapel52
What's in a Name?52
Cary Swans53
Photograph of the Swans53
A Redlynch Tragedy54
Rambles in Somerset54
Notes and Queries55
Items of Interest55
Our Local Dialect56
August 1912Page
Lines on the Carey Crest57
Special Competition57
Bourton Church58
Hadspen Cricket Club58
Some Local Superstitions59
Archery and Arson59
Verses in Books60
Our Register60
"Twelfth Night."61
Photograph of Players61
Early Days of Foresters62
News and Notes62
Local Events63
They Say63
Our Local Dialect64
September 1912Page
Early Chapel Marriages65
Local Events65
More Local Superstitions66
Notes and Queries66
They Say67
Our Register67
Address to George IV68
Bruton Registers68
New Wesleyan Minister69
George Lush's Grey Parrot69
Zider Vrom Cary to Camel70
Twelfth Night70
S. & D. Line to Burnham71
Verses in Books71
Our local Dialect72
October 1912Page
Cary Veterans73
Nursing Association73
From Our Readers74
Local Rhymes74
100 Years Ago75
Verses in Books75
Local Events76
Beer, Bread and Beef76
Our Register77
The Cary Window77
They Say78
An Old Cary Will78
Bits About Bruton79
Prize Competition79
Our Local Dialect80
November 1912Page
Creech Hill81
Local Sayings81
Somerset & Dorset Line82
Local Events82
Mollusca of Cary83
They Say83
Hadspen House in 175984
Castle Cary Market84
King Arthur's Causeway85
Old Folks' Entertainment85
Our Register86
Prize Competition86
Old Sexeians87
Items of Interest87
Our Local Dialect88
December 1912Page
Quaint Old Cary Game89
The Rev. Preb. G. E. Smith89
Favourite Walks90
Our Register90
They Say91
Items of Interest91
Soldiers Near Cadbury92
Local Events92
St. Mary The Virgin, Bruton93
Lantern Lecture93
Our Trains94
Local Phrases94
Somerset Men's Year Book95
King Arthur's Causeway95
Our Local Dialect96
January 1913Page
Cary Lanes97
In The Days Of Old98
Our Register98
Rub-The-Rust-Off Dinners99
Notes and Queries99
Liza's Letters100
Local Lore of the Month100
Cary Acrostics101
Local Events101
New Book on Somerset102
They Say102
A Brilliant Sexeian103
The Legends of Camelot103
Our Local Dialect104
February 1913Page
Cary Scenery105
Local Lore of the Month105
Liza's Letter106
Cary Boy's Success106
Our Register107
Not Tired Yet107
Assoc. of Old Sexeians108
A Coming Event108
Ditcheat Church & Cross109
Cary Acrostics110
Local Events110
The Alford Ichthyosaurus111
They Say111
Our Local Dialect112
March 1913Page
Liza's Letter113
Prize Competition113
Items of Interest114
Local Lore of the Month114
More Cadbury Legends115
Our Register115
Local Geology116
Pack Horse Lanes116
A Cary Schoolmaster117
They Say117
Cary Castle118
Notes and Queries118
Smart Sayings119
Local Events119
Our Local Dialect120
April 1913Page
Liza's Letter121
Parish Council Election121
Houses and Occupiers122
Prize Competition122
Volunteers in 1860123
Local Events123
Riot at Cary Mills124
Local Lore of the Month124
The Cary Market125
From Our Newspapers125
Our Register126
They Say126
Our First Sunday School127
A Memorable Storm127
Our Local Dialect128
May 1913Page
Liza's Letter129
Parish Council Election129
Volunteers in 1860130
Prize Competition130
Bits of Local History131
Local Lore of the Month131
They Say132
Margaret Russ132
An Old May Fair133
Notes and Queries133
Corn Riots 1767134
Our Register134
Orchestral Soc's Concert135
Local Events135
Our Local Dialect136
June 1913Page
Liza's Letter137
Bruton Choral Concert137
Bernard and His Books138
They Say138
William Paul's Family139
A Cary Un-worthy139
Our Register140
Local Lore for June140
Aeroplane Disaster141
Photograph of the Scene141
Volunteers in 1861-1862142
Prize Competition142
Our Church-yard Yews143
Local Events143
Our Local Dialect144
July 1913Page
Liza's Letter145
Shepton Montague Names145
Bread Riots of 1846146
Local Lore for July146
Cary Castle147
Local Events147
Comon Land in Cary Moor148
Early Cary Theatre148
Pitcombe Church149
They Say149
Our Church-yard Yews150
Our Register150
Cricket Club Fete151
Limerick Competition151
Our Local Dialect152
August 1913Page
Liza's Letter153
Fifty Years Ago154
Local Lore for August154
Cadbury Wishing Well155
Local Events155
Cary Serge-makers156
C. M. S. Garden Sale156
They Say157
Our Register157
From the Long Ago158
From Our Newspapers158
Archaeological Meetings159
Kingsmill Lucy's Epitaph159
Our Local Dialect160
September 1913Page
Liza's Letter161
Somerset Arch. Society161
Early CAry Registers162
They Say162
Arthur's Well at Camelot163
Prize Competition163
Bruton Grammer School164
Local Events164
Yarlington Church165
Our Register165
Bruton Congregationalists166
Local Lore for Sept.166
Another Castlecary167
Notes and Queries167
Our Local Dialect168
October 1913Page
Liza's Letter169
Breaking Heads for Fun170
Local Lore for October170
The Good Old Days171
An Old Will171
Local Events172
They Say172
Wells on Cadbury Camp173
With Photograph173
From Our Newspapers174
False and Scandulous Rpt.174
Roads 200 Years Ago175
Our Register175
Our Local Dialect176
November 1913Page
Liza's Letter177
They Say178
Local Events178
The Round House179
Early Cary Registers179
From Our Newspapers180
In Bruton Towne180
Territorial Drill Hall181
With Photograph181
Flax-growing Near Cary182
Prize Competition182
Our Register183
Notes and Queries183
Our Local Dialect184
December 1913Page
Liza's Letter185
Council Schools185
Local Events186
Our Register186
Owen Parfitt187
Lore of the Month187
Local Chronology188
Somerset Men's Year Book188
Jack White's Gibbet189
Thet Say189
Our Local Dialect190