The Castle Cary Coin Hoard

This hoard of 152 silver coins was discovered in 2006 under the floor of a house in Paddock Drain, Castle Cary. No trace of a container was found so it is probable that the coins were held in a fabric or leather bag or a wooden box which has not survived.

The 72 sixpences, 63 shillings and 17 half-crowns date from the reigns of Edward VI (1547-1553), Elizabeth I (1558-1603), James I (1603-1625) and Charles I (1625-1649). The face value of the coins is £6 1s 6d which is the eqivalent of about £500 today. The latest coins were minted in 1644-1644. This is the likely date of burial of the coins and places the hoard in the time of the English Civil War.

Somerset was much affected by the events of the Civil War in 1644 and 1645 and the hoard was probably hidden for safe keeping. Not everyone came back to re-claim their valuables. The hoard is now in the Taunton Museum.

Cary Hoard 1 Cary Hoard 2 Cary Hoard 3 Cary Hoard 4