Distorted View of Market House

A distorted view of the Market House - home to the Museum - including Fore Street, Woodcock Street, Market Place and High Street.

Museum Floor

Part of Museum Display

Three Cradled Irons

Three cradled irons. Their use has decreased over time

Cary Visitor Volumes

The Castle Cary Visitor

Jesse Lee Preparation

Poor Womans Friend Prepared only by Jesse Lee Surgeon Castle Cary.

Cary Stone On Blue Lias

Cary Stone on Blue Lias

Castle Cary Baptisms

Baptisms 1813 - 1960

Ladder Rung Shaper

Ladder Rung Shaper

Castle Cary Banns and Marriages

Banns and Marriages 1754 - 1891

Pither Enamel Sign

Old Pither's Enamel Sign

Pither's Removal Wagons

A Steam Engine and Pither's Removal Wagons on Bailey Hill

New Pither Sign

Renewed Pither's Sign

Museum Sign

Museum Sign. A gift from twinned town of Remalard

Corn Dolly

A locally made Corn Dolly

Poppy Quilt

A Poppy Quilt created by Caroline Miller

Turkish Saw

A Turkish Saw

Manure Saw

A two handled knife for slicing through manure. Complements our dung fork

Tree Saw

A section of a Tree Saw

Horse hair

Horsehair fabrics are woven with the finest quality tail hair from live horses

Blue Horsehair Fabric

Horsehair Fabric made at John Boyd's Cary factory

Beach Lady

A Sketch by Douglas Macmillan

Macmillan Cancer Relief

Douglas Macmillan Cancer Relief Supporters outside the Museum

Stone Water Jar

Poole's Water Jar

Poole Water Manufacture

Poole's Mineral Water Manufacturing Premises. Flooding was always a possibility.

Glass Water Bottle

Poole's Water Bottle

Bull Nose Clamp

A device for leading bulls by the nose

Bull Can Opener

Bully Beef Can Opener

Field Gate

A device for leading bulls astray


A Petrie Ushabsti


A Cary View of Glastonbury Tor.

Highway Cans

Cary's light artilley of Water Can-nons

Root Crop Chopper

A Root Crop Chopper

Lodge Hill

A view of Castle Cary from Lodge Hill

Spiral Stairs

Stairs up to the Museum

Field of Poppies

Poppies in a Cary field of wheat

Token Side A

Pub Token Side A

Token Side B

Pub Token Side B

Golf Prize

The Mineral and Aerated Water Trades Golf Competition Prize.

Medal Case

Medal Case

Golf Prize Obverse

Obverse View.

Medal Note

Medal Details